Russian manufacture of heat pumps


HES ranks first in the list of thermal equipment manufacturers in the Heat Pumps segment in Russia and is one of the key players in the domestic engineering market.


HES Research Institute presents an advanced approach to the development and testing of equipment, which ensures putting innovative products into production and their adaptation to Russian conditions.

OEM Manufacturing

Home Electro Systems offers its services as an OEM manufacturer of heat pumps and air conditioners, where climatic equipment with the required technical parameters will be produced under your brand in the shortest possible time.

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Industrial air conditioners

HES AIR industrial air conditioners use air energy to create a comfortable climate in any room. Our models are suitable for different tasks of heating and cooling spaces with any area.

Series Industrial Air Conditioners with EVI

Even in harsh climatic conditions, with sub-zero temperatures of up to -28 °C, our HES AIR EVI industrial air conditioners are designed for a comprehensive solution of climatic problems in your office, store, and production both in winter and summer.

Water-water heat pumps

A wide range of HES ECO water-to-water heat pumps of various capacities are designed for heating and hot water supply, both for residential and industrial buildings.

Air-water heat pumps

The HES EVCO air-to-water heat pump draws air energy to heat the rooms and supply hot water in the house.